All Natural, Sustainably Harvested Atlantic Red Crab

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Recently certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, this deliciously sweet crab with its red-tinted crabmeat is wild-harvested in the deep cold waters of the Atlantic in depths of two thousand feet or more. Large wire traps are hauled to the surface on a twenty-four hour soak. The water temperature maintains a constant 38 degrees (Fahrenheit) thereby producing a cold water crab with superior taste and texture certain to please your customers.

Atlantic red crab is landed live and is processed in our state of the art facility located in the heart of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Products vary from high-end items such as six-ounce cups of fresh or frozen 70/30 combo to 10# bulk cases of frozen arm and claw sections. Our crab products are 100% chemical-free and all natural.

For more information contact us at or phone 508.990.3200.


For more information contact or phone us at 508.990.3200.